G&G Skills

G&G Skills is delighted to be the local partner of Premier COREX in Uganda and East Africa.

Today Premier COREX (COREX UK Ltd) are recognised as one of the world’s leading independent Core Analysis providers, helping oil and gas companies make better exploration and production decisions by connecting the dots from samples to simulations.

Over the past 40+ years’ Premier COREX have become respected worldwide for delivering specialist analytical services including Formation Damage Analysis, Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), Conventional & Special Core Analysis, PVT & Organic Chemistry, Reservoir Geology, Geochemistry and Rock Mechanics to the majority of leading oil and gas companies worldwide. Premier COREX have vast experience serving global markets in conventional and unconventional oil and gas reservoirs throughout Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Far East and Australia.

As part of the Premier Oilfield Group of companies since 2017, the Premier COREX strength stems not just from the state-of-the-art technology and facilities in-house, but also from the expert industry leaders that have been brought together to attain the unique position they now hold as world leaders at the high-tech end of analytical services.

Premier operate out of global laboratories based in Houston, Oklahoma City, Denver, Midland, Aberdeen, Cairo, Basrah, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, and Delhi (Noida).

Further information is available at www.pofg.cpm/corex and Premier Oilfield Group www.pofg.com